What did I mean by quoting Picasso at the intro page? Not that you should go out and club someone over the head, or burn a couple of houses down, that's for sure. (If you are looking for those kind of things, then better see some other websites, or change your life views - the choice is yours:) Breaking your neighbour's wall and making the Berlin Wall come down is quite not the same thing, if you think about it for a moment. By destroying something, you always create something new: good or bad - it depends on you. And I think that's what Picasso meant too.

This sensitive line - between good and bad - is what this site is about: graffiti. Like it or you don't, but the fact is, graffiti does exisit, and as for anything else in this world, there must be a reason for it...

On this website, you can find some graffiti shots taken down the streets of Kiev, Ukraine. The collection is somewhat small, but hopefully sufficient enough to get a broad picture :) Added snapshots of Kiev streets can be found in the Kiev Pics section. You can leave a message (and expected to do so!) in the Guest Book found below. Click the Related Sites button in case if you are looking for other graffiti sites and alike. Also, do not forget to check the Afterword section. Enjoy! (To read on about graffiti, click here for an article in Russian.)

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(-! Have a nice day and thanks to everyone contributed !-)

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