The following are the links you may want to try: >>> Global graffiti resource with tons of links and pictures from all over the world - a must-go for all graffiti seekers; you can also apply for a link to your graffiti website or submit photos. >>> Antigraffiti site...lots of inspiring things there!) >>> Website featuring graffiti from Europe, with a nice intro screen-) >>> Website accompanying stencil graffiti book...explore all sections there! >>> Romantic Romanian project... or not romantic? ...or maybe not a project at all?? >>> Graffiti webpage showcasing works of different graffiti artists in UK. >>> Another UK webpage which hosts 3 sites with tons of London graffiti and + >>> Well laid-out German website entirely devoted to graffiti in Berlin. >>> French website, covering spray artwork by Trash. >>> Graffiti site on Argentina (in Spanish, but you can still figure it out :) >>> Literally cool black-and-white webpage featuring graffiti from Korea. >>> Ample web resource on fonts that will get you high. >>> Tricky pictures for mind games, if you don't mind. >>> Kiev initiative website for various mind-boggling ideas. >>> Great resource on peace vs. war issues that trouble the world of today.

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