This website was started as an internet project for my university's web-designing class, and not too much hope was put in it. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope that something more than just uploaded webpages with links was achieved... otherwise, why bother writing all this stuff??

This is a second version of Graffiti WebSite...finally :) The initial site was revitalised by fresh design, the brand new section with Kiev pictures was added as well as many new areas in the graffiti section. However, this website will NOT be updated in the future. Surely, there are some things that were still not included, but considering the time and effort it took to make this update happen, it seems no longer feasible in making promises one cannot keep :(

I know this site is far not perfect and takes time to load, but I hope you will appreciate that. If you have any questions or comments, if you have found any inaccuracies on this website, if you know the authors of graffiti pieces reproduced here - ANYTHING - you are welcome to write me at Please make sure I do not mistake your letter for spam (by putting something like 'graf' or 'suggestions for Vadimo' in the Subject field of your message). Alternatively, you can share ideas you have by leaving a message for everyone to read in the Guest Book section found on this website.


What is the purpose of this site? To promote the graffiti, one could say, and he or she would be partially right. But, apart from promoting graffiti, Ukrainian in particular, the deeper idea of this website is to show graffiti as a means of self-expression that highlights and exerts influence upon the 'imperfecions' that exist within the society, trying to make it a better place to live in. NOT A SINGLE human being needs drugs, wars or pollution - it's just the way our societies are designed, encouraging or forcing these effects to take place to some extent or the other. And why do the children have to suffer? Just imagine, if everyone in the world, loved everyone in the world...

So my final message is - P E A C E

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